All prices are based on a daily rental. Please enquire about longer rentals. All prices are per fixture and plus VAT.

Lighting Fixtures
Robe Pointe £60
Robe CycFx £45
Robe 300 Led Wash £40
Robe Spikie £50
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe £20
Martin Atomic Colour Scrollers £20
LED and Generics

GDS UL Battery Uplighters £25
Chauvet Colordash Quad 0.5m Batten £10
Pulsar 650w Fresnels £5
ETC Source Four ParNel £10
ETC Source Four Jnr £10
2 Light Blinders Active £10
Chauvet 1m UV LED bars £10
10m Festoon Strings £7.50
Fairy Lights (600m) per 50m £10
Smoke and Haze
Le Maitre MVS Hazer £40
Martin Jem ZR44 Smoke Machine £40
Chauvet Hurricane 3d hazer £15

27w Swislass RGB Laser £1000
Pangolin QM2000 Network Box inc software and e-stops £100
Control and Power
Avolites Titan Mobile (with Touchscreen laptop) £75
Avolites Quartz £125
63/3 Distro to Socca with 16amp fan outs £50
Rubber box Distro 32/3 to 32/1 £25
6 way Dimmer 10a per channel £25
Chauvet Data Stream buffer £10
Resolume Arena 5 media server with Macbook £150
Grand MA Command Wing + MA fader wing and 2 touchscreens   £175
8000 Lumen Barco G8 SLM Projector £250
Barco FLM HD 20k Projector £1200
8m x 4.2m White Cyc Screen £30
4m x 3m Fastfold Front projection screen £50
16ft x 9ft Grey soft screen £10
6ftx6ft White fabric screens on frames £20
Manfrotto 35kg Stand £25
Doughty Heavy Duty stands £10
Various Truss / Rigging POA